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The Wright Brothers Letter - American Aviation Pioneers

The Wright Brothers Letter - American Aviation Pioneers

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Discover the remarkable story of the Wright Brothers, two bicycle mechanics who defied the laws of physics and made history by inventing the world's first successful airplane. Their passion, perseverance, and ingenuity will inspire you to reach for the skies! Receive their letter and newspaper article in the mail and let their journey take you to new heights!

"Learning the secret of flight from a bird was a good deal like learning the secret of magic from a magician."
-Orville Wright

Read their delightful life story told from the perspective of Orville Wright.

In UK primary schools, kids learn about The Wright Brothers…get them off to a flying start with our story-letter detailing their life story and remarkable achievements, or use this opportunity to solidify learning and recap any prior knowledge!

Remember to download your FREE Fact File too!
Why not pair with our Amelia Earhart letter for the perfect duo?!

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