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Johnny Appleseed Letter - Legendary American Orchadist

Johnny Appleseed Letter - Legendary American Orchadist

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Discover the story of America's legendary Johnny Appleseed, the man who planted the seeds of a nation! From his humble beginnings to his travels across the country, this snail mail letter is filled with fascinating facts that will inspire and educate both young and old alike. Don't miss out on this deliciously delightful tale!

Johnny Appleseed Day is on September 26th (the date of his birth) where people gather together to celebrate his wit, wisdom, and endearing story. He is remembered today for his loving kindness towards all living creatures, his faith, and of course his apples!

Did you know that one of the apple trees he planted in 1830 still survives on a farm in Nova, Ohio?!


You will receive a double-sided letter complete with newspaper article.  

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