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Don't just take our word for it. Here are some kind words that others are saying about Post From The Past!

Michelangelo's letter was an absolute hit! We read his letter yesterday and oh the rabbit trails we've gone down have been amazing. We had to look up all his artwork, Florence, the Sistine Chapel, and listen to the musical version of Pieta...which her older sister has performed. We talked about how the arts were all connected and inspired one another. We watched a walking tour of Florence and the Sistine Chapel. She pointed out that when you zoomed in on the Pieta at Mary's face you didn't see stone but a weeping mother. This led to a discussion about Jesus dying on the cross for us. I was sitting here in amazement thinking about what your letter inspired in our homeschool and I had to thank you. We covered history, art history, religion, music appreciation, world culture, geography...all because of a letter in the mail! These are amazing and you do a fantastic job. worth every penny.


Wow Post From The Past! We loved our first letter about Walt Disney and then the added print outs were great. We are using your letters to focus on a famous person each month and try to discover as much as we can using your letters as a springboard for learning.  We are both already excited for next month.


I wanted to say how awesome it was to receive our first letter here in Canada on our FIRST day of School (great timing!) And not only that, but the letter is from George Washington Carver, who I have a study planned for this fall! How mystic and beautiful was that! We are so happy and look forward to this year of receiving more letters. Thank you for adding a special something to our homeschool experience.

Adrianne - Canada

This was an absolutely fantastic letter! The way you wrote it not only made you feel like you'd actually discovered a real letter he'd thrown overboard but there was so many interesting facts that we didn't know! You really have something unique here! :)


This has exceeded expectations and I can't wait to use the printable guide with this for our studies.


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