Merry Christmas! December’s subscription letter is from one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era…CHARLES DICKENS - Subscribe Today!

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Kids Monthly Snail Mail

Welcome to Post From The Past!

Where each month you will be mailed a double-sided, illustrated letter, plus either a photograph or a newspaper article, from a historical figure who has changed the world as we know it! This person could be a scientist, an author, an artist, or an inventor, to name a few. We also provide FREE printable Fact Files and Funsheets to use alongside your snail mail, plus we provide FREE Worldwide Shipping!

Here, at Post From The Past, we strive to not just know about something, but to have a relationship with it. A relationship that touches hearts, souls, and minds

Read excellently written letters that feature timeless life stories, fascinating facts, and important life lessons, that will help children to dream big and realise the potential in themselves!

Our well-established living letters offer you something truly unique because they make the subject come alive! They are written in narrative form, meaning that they read like the author is telling you a story, and are conversational in tone. Each letter is painstakingly researched and well-written, and they are printed onto quality vintage-effect paper to really give the feel of an aged letter in your hands. Our story-letters are loved by a wide age range and so have an intentional gentle tone that is sure to touch emotions and spark the imagination; you can really picture what the author is saying and be transported to times gone by.

As a mother myself, I am very conscious of what my littles read. You can rest assured that with our letters, that you are giving your children an educational resource of beauty, without having to worry about the suitability of the contents!

Our snail mail offers so much more than just dry facts that can be pieced together from textbooks or a search engine, and they help to shape who you are as a person. Our letters can be easily used to cover multiple subjects hence providing vast learning opportunities that are sure to spark other ideas of your own, for added fun and learning.

Imagine if you could ignite a passion within your child for History, Science, Math, Geography, Art, or Music, where learning lasts, like never before!

Once you have read the letter to your child, ask them to narrate what they have heard. Reading, narrating, and knowing is a typical method of a lesson in a Charlotte Mason education.

Post From The Past is a monthly subscription. You will receive one letter every month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. We also have the option to purchase any letters you may have missed!

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New month, new letter!

All subscription letters will be posted from the UK on or around the 5th of each month.

If you have a new subscription and your order is placed after 5th of the month, then your FIRST letter will be posted within 48 hours of ordering. Your subsequent letters will be posted on the 5th of each month after that.

Please allow 3 weeks for your letter to arrive - although the majority do arrive well before this time. If for any reason your letter does not arrive after this time, rest assured we will pop another one in the post for you!

All orders for PAST LETTERS are posted within 48 hours.