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Explorers Collection

Explorers Collection

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Embark on this thrilling adventure through history with our Explorers Collection, showcasing 11 captivating letters from the men and women who dared to explore uncharted territories, from the depths of the oceans to the heights of mountains, and even beyond to the moon!
Each letter comes in its own named envelope, complete with newspaper article, immersing you in their incredible journeys. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the bravery and curiosity of these explorers. Order now and journey into the unknown with our Explorers Collection!

Collection Includes:
-Neil Armstrong (Astronaut)
-Amelia Earhart (Aviator)
-Christopher Columbus (Admiral)
-Ernest Shackleton (Antarctic Explorer)
-Jacques Cousteau (Ocean Explorer)
-Junko Tabei (Mountaineer)
-Matthew Henson (Arctic Explorer)
-Sacagawea (Interpreter & Guide)
-Marco Polo (Merchant & Explorer)
-Alexander Von Humboldt (Explorer & Scientist)
-Percy Fawcett (Amazon Explorer)

You will receive double-sided letters complete with newspaper articles.  

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