12 Letter Set 3
12 Letter Set 3
12 Letter Set 3

12 Letter Set 3

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Purchase the third year of letters in this exciting collection that features letters from a variety of men and women from different backgrounds and era's that have helped shape the world we live in today!
You will receive a box containing all 12 letters, each in their own named envelopes, complete with photographs.  Remember to download the FREE Fact Files and any other FREE Funsheets!
Collection Includes:
-Wilma Rudolph (Olympic Champion)
-George Washington Carver (Agricultural Scientist & Inventor)
-Johnny Appleseed (American Pioneer)
-Michelangelo  (Renaissance Artist)
-Helen Keller (Achieved much despite being both deaf and blind)
-C.S.Lewis (Author)
-Matthew Henson (Arctic Explorer)
-Beethoven (German Composer & Pianist)
-Queen Victoria (British Monarch)
-Nikola Tesla (Electrical Engineer)
-Laura Ingalls Wilder (Children's Author - Little House Books)
-Pablo Picasso (Spanish Artist)