Q: What age group are the Post From The Past appropriate for?

A: Our Post From The Past Letters cater primarily to the imaginative minds of children aged 5-12, sparking their curiosity and capturing their interest at this pivotal stage of growth. That said, their appeal transcends age boundaries. We delight in knowing that older children and even parents eagerly anticipate each letter's arrival, proving that the allure of exploration and discovery is truly timeless!

Q: How frequently are the letters delivered?

 A: The letters are delivered monthly, providing a consistent stream of educational and exciting content for your child.

Q: How is the content of the letters curated?

A:. Each letter balances engaging stories with insightful knowledge about the heroes of history .Our carefully crafted pieces incorporate real quotes and, where possible, authentic signatures, adding an extra dash of realism to your history exploration.

Q: How do the Post From The Past Letters aid in my child's learning?

A: Our letters nurture a passion for reading, history, and cultural understanding. By sparking curiosity and deepening knowledge, they stimulate independent learning. Plus, they ignite the imagination, empowering kids to dream big and realize their potential, as they step into the shoes of the world-shaping individuals from our past.

Q: Can these letters be sent to any country?

A: Yes, we offer FREE worldwide shipping. We believe that every child, no matter where they are, should have the opportunity to explore the life stories of world's changers.

Q: Can I purchase a past letter/s that I've missed? 

A: Absolutely! Take a look at our 'Missed a Letter' collection, or for huge savings then be sure to check out our 'Whole Shop Collection!'

Q: Can I purchase a Post From The Past Letter as a gift? 

A: Absolutely! Our Post From The Past Letters make wonderful gifts. They are not only educational, but also provide a fun and engaging activity for children. Just make sure you ad the recipients name and address at the checkout!

Q: What if my letter doesn't arrive? 

A: Please allow 3 weeks for your letter to arrive from date of ordering as we post from the UK. 

 Q: When will I be billed?

A: After the purchase of your first letter, all future payments will be taken on the 5th of each month.

 Q:How do I pause/cancel my subscription?

A: You will need to create an account (if you haven't already done so) MAKING SURE that you use the same email address that you used to sign up with. From here, you can log in and amend/update your subscription.