About Post from the Past

Why Post from the Past?

I am a home educating mum of two with an abundance of learning materials, but when I took a closer look at our home-school, I found that we were desperately lacking in history related resources - and GENTLE ones at that. This prompted me to create a way to bring history to life; by capturing the imagination and presenting important facts, while also telling a story so that information is more easily retained.

"I want my children to learn the stories of people from the past and not just memorise dates on a timeline."

I don’t want to present my children with dry facts from a textbook or waste precious time searching through google for snippets of information here and there. Instead, I want to shape their hearts and minds and at the same time, provide you with something unique that will add value to your home education too, and I believe I have achieved this through my venture: ‘Post from the Past’.

Buy 'Post From The Past' Now!

Read excellently written letters that feature timeless stories, important facts, and life lessons.
Our living letters make the subject come alive, because they are written in narrative form - they read like the author is telling you a story, and are conversational in tone. They are well-written and touch your emotions and spark your imagination; you can picture what the author is saying and be transported to times gone by. Lastly, our snail mail offers so much more not just dry facts - they educate hearts and minds, and shape who you are as a person, and often spark other ideas of your own.

Each letter provides vast learning opportunities. Imagine if you could ignite a passion within your child for History, Science, Math, Geography, Art, or Music, where learning lasts, like never before!

How does it work?

Each month, you will receive a double sided letter with illustrations from a different historical figure who has changed the world as we know it! This person could be a scientist, an author, an artist, or an inventor, to name a few.
You will learn the STORIES of people from the past through a living method rather than memorising dates from a dry textbook.
You will also receive a photograph of each historical figure with your letter, PLUS you will also receive FREE digital downloads each month to pair with your letter. We also provide FREE worldwide shipping - making your subscription exceptional value for money!
Post From The Past is a pre-paid subscription. You will receive one vintage letter every month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.