Past Letters Wall of Fame

Marie Curie

Marie Curie

July 2019

Women in Science - A truly inspiring letter depicting the biography and lifetime accomplishments of Marie Curie.


Neil Armstrong

August 2019

 An informative letter with an in-depth focus on the 1969 lunar landing. A must-read for any Space fanatic!

Beatrix Potter

September 2019

A fascinating letter detailing the life and works of one of the most loved children's authors of all time - Beatrix Potter!  Discover the secrets behind her success!

Christopher Columbus

October 2019

An educational letter in the style of a letter in a bottle that has been washed ashore that focuses on the events surrounding Columbus' first voyage - "Enterprise of the Indies." This letter is not addressed to your child. The free printables that come with this letter provide extra important information. Not all of history is beautiful but rather than avoid it, this letter opens up the door (in a very gentle way) for you to approach a difficult time in history. I also recommend that you teach many perspectives if you choose to delve deeper into this topic.


Walt Disney

November 2019

An inspiring letter from the self-made man behind Mickey! Discover what Mickey was originally planned to be called and who gave him the and we now all know and love!

Ernest Shackleton

December 2019

A high tale of adventure awaits the reader of this letter from the famous Antarctic explorer! A wonderful example of kindness and team spirit.


Amelia Earhart

January 2020

Read the story of the most famous female pilot of the twentieth century and her love of adventure!



Mary Anning

February 2020

Learn how Mary Anning became a famous fossil hunter by discovering the first Ichthyosaurus and complete Plesiosaur skeleton with the help of her beloved dog Tray.



Nelson Mandela

March 2020

Everyone should hear the story of this incredible man who is considered a history hero - especially in his home country of South Africa!