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Women in History Collection

Women in History Collection

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Discover the stories of remarkable women who have shaped history with our empowering collection! From scientists to mountaineers, these women have made significant contributions and left a lasting impact. Get inspired by the likes of Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, and Junko Tabei with our 20 beautifully written letters, each accompanied by a newspaper article. Don't miss out on this popular collection and join us on a journey through the ages of women's history!

Collection Includes:

-Marie Curie
-Amelia Earhart
-Katherine Johnson
-Beatrix Potter
-Mary Anning
-Zaha Hadid
-Anna Pavlova
-Junko Tabei
-Ella Fitzgerald
-Patty Hill
-Wilma Rudolph
-Helen Keller
-Queen Victoria
-Laura Ingalls Wilder
-Rachel Carson
-Annie Oakley
-Queen Elizabeth II
-Florence Nightingale
-Ada Lovcelace

You will receive double-sided letters complete with newspaper articles.  

Be sure to check out the free printable fact file and fun-sheets on our website too!
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